The Smart Energy Platform solution created consists in implementing integrated solutions for a responsive web-application in order to offer users an energy management system platform through a UX / UI with the following characteristics:
– monitoring the values ​​of a set of sensors / actuators / meters
– the possibility of carrying out manual / automatic actuations following the energy model that has been chosen to represent
– contextualization of data on dashboard for realtime interventions and study of energy models


The proposed solution consists of a platform whose architecture is designed and developed for deployment on docker / kubernates containers.

The architectural scheme adopted uses various application components necessary to enable the creation of different vertical applications with respect to the platforms and external services that must be integrated with each other. In particular, the use of identity and access management actually allows the creation of a federated web application making use of the same user base and the same types of roles and permissions defined. Creating a vertical consists of creating 3 main components:
– FrontEnd: web application developed through the use of the Angular framework for the creation of the UX / UI in relation to the specific features implemented.
– BackEnd: the backend contains the business logic and integration services with external platforms. All the logics of the vertical are included inside the same container or pod kubernates
– Database: use of different databases on the basis of functional qualities related to the application domain of the single microservice

System functionality

User experience of vertical use cases (for example Active, Reactive energy, definition of optimized consumption classes on dynamically updated target lines with the value of the best energy consumption belonging to the defined energy model.
– Connect any plant / sensor, managing the variety of field protocols
– Rule Engine, to define effective processes and interventions
– Smart provisioning, template
– Efficiency of management operations
– Maintenance efficiency

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