We are value-added Integrators and Technology Partners
We are value-added Integrators and Technology Partners
We are value-added Integrators and Technology Partners
We are value-added Integrators and Technology Partners
We are value-added Integrators and Technology Partners

We are value-added Integrators and Technology Partners

Develop a digital transformation strategy that maximizes the value and chances of success of IoT through ERP solutions.

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Build your product with the Open Source IoT Platform

Our ambition is to overcome the challenges of integrating many different devices and data sources into a single, easy to use asset and data management solution. With the 100% our open source IoT platform you can transform data into information and create customised applications. Our platform can be applied for monitoring and controlling any asset, such as vehicle fleets, energy systems or crowd management; helping to build smart cities, smart buildings, smart airports, and many other smart sectors.

  • Integrate: Integrate all your data, sensors, and controls to access them centrally. Connect any device or data source for asset management in a single interface. Use the built-in tools to process data and create rules for asset maintenance.
  • Design: Design any application for your unique project and create a smooth workflow. Transform your data into information and create applications that fit the workflow of your users. Define automated actions and messaging with the platform’s editors.
  • Manage: Visualise and analyse your data to gain new insights and always stay in control. Compare assets and evaluate their behaviour over time with the data visualisation dashboard. Generate reports to measure the progress of your project.
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Made for dynamic projects

  • Auto provisioning: Automatically generate assets as new devices register and connect, using X.509 or HMAC device provisioning. No manual action is required after the initial set up to make your ecosystem grow.
  • Gateways in the field: Set up stand-alone gateways with the required logic at your project locations, and keep the overview and control over the gateways in a central Manager.
  • Scheduling alarms: Create intricate behaviour setting rules and alarms on a (recurring) schedule. Generate maintenance messages based on the SLA with customers, or send notifications based on the location and time of day to app users.

Build trust in ERP solutions

PIXORA is Odoo Gold Partner and accompanies companies in all phases of its adoption.

ERP Solutions

Easy Setup

100% open source IoT Platform

All asset communication and stored data is fully secured, whether hosted in the cloud or on-premise!

Integrate any Thing

Data availability is not a problem anymore; the key challenge is combining data to create meaningful connections.

Design your interface

The platform comes with an easy-to-use Manager interface that also lets the non-technical employees and customers analyse data and create automation rules.

Manage & Protect

The 100% open source code prevents a vendor lock-in for you. Any developer can pick up the code and continue working on your system.

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